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Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Top rated luxury SUV and Best family SUV 2020 for families, we're going to talk about cars, trucks, and minivans.

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020
Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

What do you look for in the best family car?

In this article, we're going to talk about our favorite family vehicles SUVs, cars, trucks, and yes, minivans.

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020
Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Best Family Truck: Ram 1500

Our best family truck is the Ram 1500. The Ram delivers all these things. 

I mean, I'm sure you can get the Tradesman with the rubber floor mats and probably a bench seat and all that in a single cab. 

But when you option the Ram upright, it really becomes a pleasant family sedan. 

That mega cab configuration, the second row is huge. The seat can recline, so slightly older kids can make themselves comfortable. 

The large back seat area means you can fit car seats really easily, especially like the really bulky reverse-facing ones. 

Then there's a ton of interior storage, too. The center console, it's almost Honda-like with how much space and storage you have in there. 

You have under floor storage, where who knows what'll end up there over the life of the vehicle with families. 

And you also have the technology features. There's the Wi-Fi hotspot available. There's tons of charging ports. 

The coil spring rear suspension really sets the Ram apart in terms of ride quality because it's so comfortable when there's nothing in the bed. 

And let's be honest, that's how these trucks are driven the majority of the time. 

When you have that comfortable of a ride, especially in the pickup truck, it gets rid of a lot of the complaints that you would otherwise hear from backseat passengers over bumpy surfaces. 

That's really what sets the Ram apart and makes it our favorite truck overall, especially for families. This is just solid. 

Will, do you remember cars? Cars are declining in popularity versus SUVs, of course, but they still remain a very formidable force in car sales and car shopping. 

And they're still really strong options for families who don't really need the size and price of SUVs.

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020
Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Top Pick For a Family Sedan: Honda Accord

Our top pick for a family sedan goes to the Honda Accord. Full disclosure, when my wife and I decided we were going to start a family, this is the car we bought. 

I would love it if Honda had paid me to take one of these cars. Instead, I gave them money to able to say this. 

The Accord has been our favorite midsize sedan overall, and especially for families, because it gives the thing that we really value for family vehicles, which is that interior space and trunk space. 

This is like the CR-V, and we've already mentioned for SUVs. There's a lot of space in here and especially in the trunk. 

You're not going to have a problem fitting child seats in the back. You're not going to have a problem throwing a stroller into the trunk. 

But you also get something for you, for the driver. I mean, this is a refined, nice car. I mean, this is a pleasant thing to drive day to day. 

From the engine options, to the interior space, to the tech and all that stuff, the Accord really delivers a robust set of features for the modern family, for everybody inside the car, too. 

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020
Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Top Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

And now, if you guys would pay me a little more, I could step up to our top rated luxury car pick: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Which we have to give special mention to because the E-Class is available in both a sedan and a station wagon. 

The sedan is like one of our favorite midsize luxury sedans, of course, but the wagon is just cool. 

I mean, it's a good-looking wagon that happens to be a Mercedes as well. I love this thing. 

But stepping up to the E-Class gets you more than just luxury, right? There are actually features here that families are going to appreciate. 

You get 3-zone climate control, which is nice to have in a car. It's not something you see really in mainstream cars certainly. 

Also get technology features, like their Traffic Jam Assist which is available, which is really nice. If you're a parent, and you're stuck in traffic, it'll just help you deal with that if your kids are demanding your attention. 

It slows you down to zero and then will resume acceleration with the traffic again.

But you still should be paying attention. But I can imagine what happens when kids are back there yelling and screaming at you. 

Overall, the E-Class is still a really nice and top rated luxury car that happens to have a lot of family features, especially in the wagon trim. 

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020
Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Best Luxury Car: Mercedes E 63 S Wagon

We also need to call out, though, if you want to be the raddest parents on the block, you need to get the AMG E 63 S wagon.

Because nothing says "cool parents" like a 600 horsepower station wagon with seat massagers and a drift mode. 

It's the only car that comes from a factory with a call to Child Protective Services for endangerment. 

The E 63 wagon is of course an enthusiast car. But we've saved the most serious enthusiast cars for last, and that is minivans.

Minivans get used for their intended purposes more than any other car out there, any other vehicle out there. 

E 63 wagon can do a quarter mile in 11 seconds, right, let's say. A truck, that Ram, can tow a gazillion pounds. 

Van owners use their vans the way they were intended to be used and use that capability to the maximum, they use the Stow n Go seats. 

They use the vacuum in The Odyssey and they do the thing that these vehicles are intended to do. 

Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020
Top Rated Luxury SUV For 2020

Best Family Minivan: Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey remains a very good minivan, our top rated minivan. And a lot of that has to do with how good it is for families, the purpose for which it was intended. 

You mentioned the vacuum cleaner, of course. That's a nice feature. A lot of people love that.

Also you get things in certain trims, like the infrared Camera. So you can see what's going on in the backseat even when it's dark, and you get the intercom system. 

Some of it's a little gimmicky, but they're nice effort. They're nice gestures that show that Honda is paying attention to family use. 

We also like the lateral sliding second row seats, which make ingress and egress from the third row easier. 

Of course that means you can't stow the second row. But again, we're talking about families, not for like pure cargo hauling needs for the van, because the van's about hauling people. 

The Odyssey also has a strong V6 engine that we like quite a bit. It's genuinely pleasing to drive, although we don't often think about drivability in minivans. 

But when it's good, it's more of a bonus for a minivan. 

The one sticking point for the Odyssey here in this segment might be pricing. 

But considering all the features and how good this is as a family vehicle, we tend to think it's worth it. 

You get what you pay for with the Odyssey.