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Best Family SUV For 2020

Best family SUV 2020 and top-rated luxury SUVs for families, we're going to talk about cars, trucks.  

Best Family SUV For 2020
Best Family SUV For 2020

What do you look for in a family car?

In this article, we're going to talk about our favorite Best family SUV vehicles, cars, trucks too.

Best Family SUV For 2020
Best Family SUV For 2020

The Most Popular SUVs

Let's start with the most popular segment of vehicles right now, SUVs.

It's obvious why SUVs are so popular for families. They're big boxes on wheels. 

You get a ton of space for passengers and for stuff, which is what you need if you're looking for the Best family SUV.

And because they're so popular, there's a wide range of SUVs

Which means there's a lot of versatility and features depending on your price point and the size of the vehicle that you're looking at. 

You get a lot for your dollar in this segment.

Best Family SUV For 2020
Best Family SUV For 2020

Best Small Family SUV: Honda CR-V

Let's start with our best small family SUV, which is the Honda CR-V

This is our top rated compact SUV. But it has a lot of features that you want when you're looking for the Best family SUV, you know, large back seat with plenty of space for putting in even rear-facing car seats, tons of cargo space. 

You fold down that backseat, you get 76 cubic feet of cargo. Which is massive. I mean, we did the math. That's like 25 TSA carry-on packages. 

It really shows the benefits of the CR-V's interior. And it's not just the cargo capacity, too. It's how you can configure it. 

The center console has some really neat configurations with a sliding tray and a couple other things going on there. 

And the load floor in the trunk can be adjusted for height, too, depending on what you're carrying. 

Couple of other SUVs have that as well, but no one really blends it as nicely as the Honda does. 

And for 2020, they've improved the base trim. You now get the Honda Sensing safety suite with Forward Collision Avoidance, Lane Keep Assist, things like that. 

That's standard across the whole range. You get the better engine. The 1.5 liter is now standard across the whole range as well. 

They dropped the base engine, which is always the one we were like, eh, you can probably just skip that one and move up to the-- to the next step. 

But the CR-V's really smart for a lot of families. And, you know, for next year, there'll be a hybrid as well. 

And we like Honda's hybrid powertrain as one o. In the other vehicles, we've driven it. So we're looking forward to trying this one out. 

Best Family SUV For 2020
Best Family SUV For 2020

Best Large Family SUV: Kia Telluride

Let's move up to our best large family SUV, which is the Kia Telluride

This is our top rated mid-size three-row overall. And there's a reason for that,It's a really well done SUV on a lot of all the fronts, essentially. 

The interior space, again, very large, comfortable seats, easy to access seats. 

But really, what sets the Kia apart is the value. This is a near premium experience at not, like, a premium price point. 

If you get this in high trims, it's near luxury for the same money, sometimes even a little bit less than you'd spend, for the Best Family SUV from a different brand. 

V6 power is adequate, totally fine. You do get a 5,000 pound tow rating, which is strong amongst.

I'd say mid-pack maybe amongst this level of Best Family SUV. But in combination with the rest of the Telluride's attributes, it makes for a really robust package. 

You've got good phone integration. The power outlets are smart. 

The power outlet design is nice. For the second row, the charge ports are in the back of the front row seats

So the kids can reach them more easily without having to sort of lean out of their seat belts to try and get down to the back of the center console where a lot of other SUVs put their power ports. 

Overall, the Telluride is a really smart and one of the Best Family SUV's with a lot of nice things going for it. 

We like the Telluride because of its near premium look and feel, but let's actually talk about premium SUVs now. 

Best Family SUV For 2020
Best Family SUV For 2020

Best Small Luxury SUV: Volvo XC60

Our best small luxury SUV is the Volvo XC60. This is our top pick for families. It is not our top pick overall in the segment. That goes to the Mercedes-Benz GLC

But we decided to go with the Volvo when it came to picking something specifically for families. 

What the Volvo does that few other SUVs advertise as successfully, or offer as much as well. 

The Volvo delivers some really attention to family-specific options, specifically like having the available second row booster seats in both like heated and not configurations. 

It's a really nice little touch. And there's a couple other accessories, too, you can option when you get the Volvo XC60 that are smart, like having a kick protector on the back of the seat back. 

So, you know, you don't get those seats, those beautifully tailored seats, all scuffed up in your premium luxury SUV. 

So overall, the XC60's a solid premium luxury SUV from its attention to design to the tech and interior features. 

I mean, you do get solid phone integration. You do get the-- you get the power ports, and you get a lot of safety stuff, too. 

Volvo still really heavily pushes that reputation for safety they built the brand on. And that's something they still really care about. 

There's a lot of trim levels with the XC60. We recommend the T6 specifically because the base engine feels a little overworked. 

And the hybrid at the top end doesn't feel that great when you roll on the gas pedal. But so, choose the T6. That one really works. 

The Volvo XC60, when you option it correctly, is a really solid vehicle for the family. 

Best Family SUV For 2020
Best Family SUV For 2020

Top Best Large Luxury SUV: Lincoln Navigator

If what you need is just everything, you want all of the space, you want all the towing capacity, you want just more, and you have the money for it, there's our top best large luxury SUV for this segment, the Lincoln Navigator

The Navigator is the big family vehicle. This is kind of the old school of American SUVs where it's this massive, massive shipping container with wheels that also looks good. 

It feels like a luxury car, which is really important, too. And it also has a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

You have tons of charging options. There's lots of storage space. Even the third row get some nice storage options. 

And if you don't want your kids relying on their personal tablets, if you still want a built in-car entertainment system, you can get up to 10-inch displays for rear seat entertainment from the factory, which is pretty hefty screen for an SUV

Overall, the Navigator just delivers all the stuff you'd expect from a luxury SUV of this size, especially one for the family. 

Be it the power, the capability, the space inside, this is just an all-around good pick for a vehicle of this type. 

Speaking of very large vehicles, you know, somebody asked me recently, what happened to all the big, giant, thirsty American station wagons that they grew up with? They became trucks. 

There's an argument for it. The modern pickup truck has become a really robust family vehicle. 

Because they now have the interior comfort, the technology features, the safety equipment, and lately, too. 

The ride quality that makes that kind of gets, rid of the old classic old truck experience, where you're bouncing around over bumps and stuff with an empty bed.