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Tesla Truck: Price and Specs

Tesla Truck: Price and Specs

Thursday night, Elon Musk launch his Tesla Truck Price and Specs, the first electric pickup trucks on the market.

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

This is insane, this is absolutely insane. Well, that was nuts. Let's just start off with the specs than the Interior of this vehicle because they're kind of crazy. So What is the Tesla Truck? 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Truck Specs 

On the Tesla Truck specs side, There are three different models to choose from. 

You have the Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive which does a zero to 60 time of 6.5 seconds. Has 250 miles or more of range, and can tow 7500 lbs. 

Plus You have the Dual Motor All Wheel Drive version which does zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds, 300+ Miles, and can tow 10,000 lbs.

Then you have a Tri-Motor design. This is the first Tesla officially announced other than the roadster specs that will have the Tri Motor design.

This one gets zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds, has a 500+ mile range. I can't wait to test that, and a 14,000 lbs towing capacity.

Insane! As the event went, as the Interior design is, as these specs are, this is insane all around. 
That's the theme here I guess in this whole thing. 

Yeah, setting that all aside, if you just put these vehicles side-by-side and looked at the specs what you're going to find is that the Rivian can tow up to 11,000 lbs. 

It has Quad-Motor design, so that gives it some really interesting things.

And It has a tank turn feature which will allow it to basically spin in place which is kind of wild and awesome specs, probably actually somewhat useful.

It gets 0 to 60 in 3 seconds, and it can go up to 400 miles on a single charge.

So, I would say: Comparable in Tesla Truck specs. You know, you can nit-pick and yes, it can tow quite a bit more. And yes 500 miles verses 400 miles, and all that kind of stuff.

Yes, the Tesla pickup truck has better specs overall. But the Rivian is not shabby by any stretch. I think the Rivian is a completely capable vehicle. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Truck Design 

Let's talk about the Tesla Truck design. This looks like a concept car. I can't believe they're going to make these Tesla features. This is not something that I imagine many people being attracted to.

I got a lot of text messages asking if this was a joke. I, personally, kind of expected there to be a: Just kidding, here's the other one.

But it fits very well with Elon Musk's comments previously about it being crazy futuristic, and it actually fitting that Blade Runner theme.

If you look at the original Blade Runner movie, the way the cars were designed, it was spot on with how this design came out.

It's pretty crazy though, and it has some unique features in how they did it. So, let's talk about that real quick.

The Tesla Truck itself is definitely not for everyone, and I hope they do come out with maybe a mass-market version of that someday.

Right now, I think that the design is probably just too hard for a lot of people to really get there heads around.

You definitely will have people order this Tesla pickup truck, and that will open up the eyes, and it will be fun to see on the road and drive, and all that kind of thing.

It may be just the fact that it's gonna be such a capable vehicle at such a great price with such an amazing performance, features and towing capacity and all those things with a comfortable Interior design.

Maybe that will win people over. Maybe they will kind of look past the futuristic kind of design and go into, "Okay, let's try this out. "Because I just literally can't get a vehicle this "capable for this price, I just can't, right?" 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Truck Features 

One of the features is the exoskeleton which is just essentially the outside of the Tesla Truck.

And it's made from this ultra-hard, 30 times cold rolled, stainless steel structural skin, as they call it, which is very similar to what the new Space-X Star Ship is made from.

Yes, the one that just blew it's a lid. And in the demo, we see Franz banging on a regular car truck door with a hammer.

And then the Tesla Cybertruck, and it did no damage at all to the Tesla Truck. In fact, I heard they were doing this all day.

They were just sick of banging on it. So, that's kind of features interesting. And I guess that's good, but I'm not sure what that means for crash tests, and crumple zones, and all kinds of other safety things.

So we'll see kind of where this goes from here, but it seems insane that they made a vehicle so structurally durable.

And I think that that may have opened up some of the interior possibilities. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Truck Armor Glass features  

So, let's see Why did Tesla truck glass break?

Tesla Cybertruck have an armored glass, or transparent metal as they were calling it. But then, a real world test happened, and we got this. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

- Now, in there defense, I heard that this was above the 50th time that they had thrown that ball at that window, and so that would have made sense.

But that didn't go well, and I think that kind of set the tone for the rest of the presentation, unfortunately.

And as our good friend Zack from JerryRigEverything says, "Glass is glass, and glass breaks." 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Adaptive Air Suspension and Tesla Electric ATV 

After they demoed that, they moved on to the adaptive air suspension, which is pretty cool and probably a very useful feature for people that are towing things, or putting big heavy objects in and out of the back of the Tesla Truck.

It doesn't really look like a truck. Again, it doesn't really have that distinctive shape which Elon Musk harped on.

But to me, it was even hard to tell there was a bed from where I was standing, so later I got to see it up close.

They drove this ATV, an electric ATV, which dope features, awesome, can't wait to see what that's actually like.

I got to see it up close and personal, and it's just bizarre and crazy that there's like, it's just mind-blowing. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

The whole thing was just mind-blowingly futuristic. It didn't feel like reality.

It felt like a movie. And when you see the ATV coming in, what happens is the truck actually has, first off, a ramp that's built into it that pops down.

And then when it goes up, they plug the ATV in so it can charge from one of the 220-volt outlets in the back, And you can see the car self-leveling.

So despite an ATV doing that, it's kind of useful to have plugs like that. And Elon Musk has stated this in the past. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Exterior of Tesla Truck

Over all the design of Tesla Truck and the exterior are out of this world. 

Elon Musk even tweeted earlier that the pressurized version of this can be used on Mars, or will be used on Mars which is just crazy to think.

It seems the CyberTruck Exterior like it may actually fit better on Mars than it does on a regular surface street on Earth, as crazy as that seems to think.

So, I don't expect a lot of people to be drawn to this, but I'm not sure if it's maybe one of those things where every time there's a new design, or a shift in how something looks.

There's an initial kind of revolt, or kind of difficulty getting over it, and then maybe it becomes normal and looks better over time.

I'm guessing not a lot of people in the mainstream side are really gonna be into this. 
Probably the hardcore fans are, but we'll see how it shakes out as we get more data down the road when they start selling this Electric truck

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Cybertruck Price 

1. What time is the Tesla truck reveal?

Speaking of selling the Tesla Cybertruck, well it'll be a couple years. 2021 is when the first ones are going to be delivered. And then 2022 for the rest of them.

2. So let's see How much is the Tesla Cybertruck? 

Now when they go to sell Tesla Cybertruck, the price here is kind of crazy. 

The Single Motor Version, and if you recall, that one got 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, 250 miles, and 7500 lbs towing, is $39,900 which is so cheap for a vehicle that is that capable.

The Dual Motor one, again 4.5 seconds 0 to 60, 300 miles of range, and 10000 lbs towing at Price of 

The Tri-Motor Design, the highest-end one, with 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, which most people probably can't fathom how quick, and the acceleration of what it feels like to go 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds.

It's blowing Price quick. 500+ miles of range, and 14,000 lbs towing, which is crazy in terms of all of the capacity here, 
$69,000, under $70,000.

The biggest difference between the Rivian R1T and the Tesla CyberTruck is that the price of the Rivian starts at 

And if you recall, the top end Tesla CyberTruck is 
$69,900. So, ironically Tesla's really strong suit with this vehicle is the price.

I mean, for that price, that's an extremely capable vehicle which is kind of nuts to really think about it, but that's what it is Elon Musk Truck provide the Thursday night.

If you look at regular F-150 or Dodge Ram or something, I mean, you're looking at 
$60-80,000 for some of these vehicles. 

I applaud them for that, and I think that that is going to actually yield some fruit in other ways. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Cybertruck Interior 

Now let's move to the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck because besides the actual specs and the price, this is probably my favorite part of the vehicle.

When I got into the car, it was big, or truck I should say. It's really comfortable. And there were three in the back.

There are two in the front and a third seat that can pop up from the middle in the front. So it's a six-seater, and it didn't feel cramped with three people in the back, three adult males.

The interior is super clean, very minimalistic, similar to the Model 3, and the steering wheel, I don't know why they put the Roadster steering wheel in there.

It shouldn't be a race car steering wheel. I don't imagine any person that drives a truck being comfortable from the Interior and having to that all the time.

So, it's gonna be interesting if those features themselves make it to specs production exactly. Now, this is the unveiling of it, so it will have some tweaks between now and then. But it, you know, the interior was really nice with this amazing Price range.

Also in the Interior, we have the glass panel on the back and the glass windshield on the front were, it made it feel like you were in this crazy futuristic pod.

Not like you were in a vehicle closed and cramped in there. So anyway, there's that. But overall, fantastic job on the interior. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Comparison Tesla Cybertruck with Rivian 

Now, we can't really wrap this up or go further without talking about a comparison this Cybertruck
 with Rivian. 

And you know, this Electric Tesla truck vehicle is gonna stand on its own, and they have all their ecosystem, specs, Interior feeling and everything involved.

So, it's different, right? Rivian and Tesla Interior are completely different. They are different stages of their growth, and their coming to market or whatever that's what Elon Musk Truck provide the Thursday night. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

The Cybertruck Charge Range 

If the Tesla CyberTruck can go 500 miles on a charge range with the Tri-Motor features and design, that sounds very much like the new Plaid Powertrain Model S coming out with the Tri Motors that is being tested out in Germany around the Nuremberg Ring and all that.

Well, if that can go 500 miles, and the Roadster can, reportedly, go above 620 miles of range, What would the Model S get?

Somewhere between there, probably closer to the Roadster. It's extremely aerodynamic, is going to weight a lot less.

I look forward actually to a lot of the things they did, and a lot of the ways they invented things and innovated here making their way into some of the other vehicles and future generations of the vehicles because that I think is where there is gonna be a lot bigger boost.

So imagine if you could buy a Model S with 500 miles of range. That's crazy features, right? And then with the Super Charger Network, and V-3 Charging and all that.

I think, you know, that's where you're gonna have a bigger impact probably overall in terms of EV Adoption, or Tesla growth even. 

Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs
Tesla Cybertruck: Price and Specs

Tesla Cybertruck In My Personal Opinion 

So, you know, trucks, especially big ones that are really capable like this Tesla Truck 
features are not cheap, and they don't get great mileage either. 

When you think about all that put together, I think that, The design is the one big knock against this vehicle after the Price.

And, people some people will get over that, already accepting it, already ordered it, but not everyone.

So we'll see how it pans out, But let me know what you think about the Price and space, Maybe I'm missing something here.

Maybe there's a big gotcha or something that I don't get. But right now, it's hard for me to see this selling very well out there despite it being incredible in some ways.

Let me know what you think And always, don't forget, I'll see you guys back here on the next one.