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BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

BMW i3 2019 with us today, we will see the BMW i3 interior also BMW i3 specs, lastly the Price of this amazing Electric car.

This is the BMW i3 2019 and it's an electric car. And don't worry if you worry about running out of Bmw i3 range because with Bmw you can get it with an optional petrol generator on board so you don't have to worry about range anxiety.

The all electric version of the bmw i3 2019 has a real-world range of about 80 miles on a single charge which will take about 10 hours from a normal three-pin mains socket.

However you can double the distance with the range extender model which has a two cyclinder 650cc petrol generator on board. The little engine is located under the boot floor.

But it never drivers the wheels. Instead it produces electricity to power the motor. This is also located at the back and means that BMW i3 2019 is rear wheel-drive like all BMWs should be.

Few things on this side of a supercar attract as many eyes into the traffic as the BMW I3 2019. Its naughty and futuristic style overlaps on a high-tech platform that is in equal parts carbon fiber and powered by electric drive battery. 

The clean dimensions make zipping easy by cluttered urban traffic, and the i3 leaves nothing more than the oblique jaws. Unfortunately, the basic i3 and slightly sportier I3S offer only up to 153,000 of the combined range of driving rated by EPA, significantly less than the Chevrolet EV bolt or Tesla model 3. 

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 Specs and Chassis 

Although the BMW i3 specs is considered a subcompact car, it's quite sporty and a lot of fun to drive. It’s a rear-wheel drive vehicle, so even though it sits rather high, it’s well balanced.

In fact, the way the bmw i3 specs has been constructed is quite clever. Imagine this flapjack is the cars chassis it is made out of aluminum not oats and houses all the stuff that makes the car go like the the batteries in the middle the motor at the back and the suspension.

Now on top of bmw i3 specs, is attached the body where you sit. And it is made out of carbon fiber to help keep weight down. And the best thing about this design is. it tastes good.

Seriously though, the way the bmw i3 specs is built creates a very airy feeling cabin as there are no mechanical bits encroaching into the passenger space.

This means you get a totally flat floor on bmw i3 2019 and this plus the thin seats help free up space. So does the location of the gear selector which is a cool rocker switch on the steering column.

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 Interior Design

Overall the Bmw i3 interior 's cabin has a zen-like minimalism which helps sooth and calm its occupants. Gosh I don't usually spout such rubbish in reviews but there is something about this BMW that makes you feel all new age.

Speaking of which this material is made from recycled plant material and as an option you can get eucalyptus wood on the dash which looks amazing and as the Bmw i3 doesn't have it it'll show it you now with a cut away.

Elsewhere, the standard Bmw i3 navigation system obtains a software upgrade, LED headlights with curved lamps and high automatic beams become optional, as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot and a Smartphone charging compartment without thread.

Nice isn't it. If you get an Bmw i3 get that also get this larger 10inch screen as it looks gorgeous. Other than that you get loads of standard kit like sat nav, iDrive with touchpad, parking sensors, USB input, Bluetooth, Climate control Digital radio 19 inch alloys and LED daytime running lights.

In Bmw i3 interior, storage is good thanks to a reasonable sized glovebox, a smattering of cup holders, big door bins and another cubby on the dash. which Rebecca will like.

Tops: beautiful Bmw i3 interior, photo eco luxury, you will be noticed. 
Vows: limited scope, invisible manipulation, perhaps you will be noticed for all the wrong reasons. 
Verdict: Bmw i3 have a fancy package with unique features but a little impressive electric range.

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 Range Extender

The BMW i3 will only cost a couple of quid to charge if you do it overnight. And while the Bmw i3 range extender is quoted at 470 miles per gallon when you are powering the motor using the petrol generator it will actually do 50 miles per gallon, which is still okay and means the BMW is cheap to run.

Electric cars are cheaper to maintain and in theory should be more reliable than a normal car too as there are less moving parts to go wrong. All this should make the Bmw i3 range extender inexpensive to live with. But there is one question: does it feel like a true BMW to drive.

Easy one to answer that - yes it does. Being rear wheel drive means the front wheels only have to worry about steering so it feels very sharp, and direct and despite being tall there is very little roll, and actually this Bmw i3 range extender is great and fun electric car on a twisty road.

But the best bit on this Bmw i3 2019 is the performance. The Bmw i3 motor produces 170hp which means the electric only i3 can do 0-60 in a little over seven seconds.

The Bmw i3 2019 can be equipped with a two-cylinder gasoline engine with space expansion, that neither the Chevy nor the Tesla offer, but if you are not stuck inside clean and fresh i3 's, the lowest price bolt EV makes much more sense.

This Bmw i3 range extender is slightly slower as it's about 100kg heavier. But it can still do it in under 8 seconds. The car actually feels even faster than the number as the electric motor responds instantly to your right foot propelling the car forward.

In fact, according to Bmw i3 the electric only i3 can get from 0-30mph the quicker than an E92 M3 -- and that has a gass guzzling 4.0-litre V8. Okay so here I am at the lights.boy racer fancies his chances.

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 2019 Batteries 
and Performance

The i3 boasts unique, modern, aerodynamic styling, with options for eye-catching dual-color paint jobs. Also, the i3 has a surprisingly roomy interior, a new approach to design and materials, and a propulsion system that appeals to many buyers.

In fact the way the Bmw i3 2019 uses the electric motor to recharge the batteries when slowing means you can brake the car quite quickly just by lifting off the acellerator and so you can really control it easy nipping about in traffic.

BMW has equipped the BMW I3 2019 models with a larger battery capacity, extending the maximum range to 153 miles per charge. 

The Bmw i3 2019 really is brilliant in town. You sit quite high and this plus the big windscreen give you a great view ahead. While the turning circle of less than 10 meters means you can out u-turn a taxi or just go round, and round and round.

The Bmw i3 is good on the motorway. Quiet and the generator is a mild thrum when it works. The only other thing that could become annoying in town is that the firm suspension and 19inch wheels mean that the i3 doesn't float over bumps as well as a Nissan leaf.

As a result mid corner bumps can upset the Bmw i3 2019 while the skinny wheels means in faster corners you shouldn't get too carried away as there's less grip than you get with other BMWs. Speaking of which the i3 is a isn't even as practical as a 1-Series.

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 2019 Seats and Doors

The first five-door, all-electric BMW i3 became available to US buyers in May 2019. This very green car has proven to be a seriously efficient vehicle with serious good looks.

Yes the Bmw i3 2019 seats fold down flat and there is no boot lip to lift stuff over, but with the seats in place the volume is considerably smaller than even a Ford Fiesta.

Then there's the Bmw i3 doors. Looks cool but have to open the front to get into the rear, which could be annoying when dropping off or picking up people.

Space in the back of Bmw i3 2019 pretty good but there are only two seats back here which means this electric car is useless if you need to carry five people. Another problem is cost.

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 Price

The Bmw i3 price may be cheap to run but it will cost a lot go buy in the first place. The electric only model is over 25 thousand pounds and that's after taking into account a 5 grand government grant.

If you want the Bmw i3 range extender, you will have to pay an extra three thousand pounds. 

You will absolutely want that one if you want to use the Bmw i3 2019 for more commuting and even then the 9-litre fuel tank will mean you will have to pull very regularly on long trips to fill up. 

Still at least you will be able to get home and that's why the Bmw i3 price is the one to go for.

Finally there's the looks. There is no denying the Bmw i3 used looks a bit errr different, while some would say it's just plain ugly. I felt the same way at first.

BMW i3 Price and Who to Buy

Due to the nature of the Bmw i3 city car, we would choose the pure model for electricity and equip it with the Giga world package, which includes the eucalyptus wood lining, the leather wool saddle surfaces and the 19 inch wheels. 

To do this, we would pay extra for some standalone options such as parking assistance parking function and the Harman/Kardon premium audio system of 16 people.

BMW i3 Powertrain, Load and Power

Likes: fluid EV motor, Zippy acceleration, light steering power. 
Treling: slow charge at a connection of 120 volts, the direction lacks communication from the road, only alluding to the classic BMW athletics.

Electric vehicles may seem complicated and convolured with technology, but one of their advantages is the functional simplicity of the EV dimmer. With its direct input connection, the Bmw i3 2019 attracts hard, smooth and linear while remaining completely silent. No false engine noises here. 

It's also a relatively fast ride. In our tests, the Bmw i3 delivered a 6.6-second run from zero to 60 mph and the slightly more sporty BMW I3 2019 model managed a result of 6.3 seconds.

I3: $45.445
I3S: $48 645
I3 with range extender: $49 295
I3S with range extender: $52 495

BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019
BMW i3 Specs and Range Extender 2019

Bmw i3 Used 2019

A Bmw i3 used 2019 is a smart electric car that’s reasonably priced for a vehicle in this class. It’s a great choice for drivers who want a futuristic-looking vehicle that gives them an invigorating driving experience and plenty of green features. 

Its cost may exceed that of other electric vehicles out there, but lots of drivers are willing to pay this premium for the BMW i3 name, refined ride, and overall uniqueness.

But the Bmw i3 2019 design has grown on me. And while the i3 is expensive having a BMW badge will be happy to . 

But before you do you should check out its main rivals the Vauxhall ampera and Nissan Leaf. And of course subscribe to our newsletter.