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Tesla Model S Review and Sales Report

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review

Tesla used the Roadster, Model S and Model 3 to prove that an electric car sales could be fun, quick, and have a long driving range.

In 2006 Tesla unveiled the roadster and there were only 350 people at the event, not much compared to the attendance for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 events. 

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review

Elon Musk got the first production model S wiki in 2008 and it took Tesla nearly two years to build a thousand roadsters, today a thousand cars is just the day's work at the Fremont factory. 

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review

Electric Car Could Also Be Practical

So after Tesla proved that electric car could be exciting quick, and have a long range, it was time to show the world that an electric car could also be practical, that an electric car could be the best car period.

In 2009 tesla unveiled the model as a prototype, and the first production models were delivered in 2012.

In its first year the Model S won many awards, and even in 2019 Motor Trend labeled the 2013 Model S p100d as the ultimate car of the year or the best car among all other cars that Motor Trend has ever awarded car of the year in its 70 year history.

Unlike the Model 3, the Model S was never intended to be a high-volume car, but there's still a strong market for high-end cars.

After all, each month Mercedes sls a thousand s-class sedans in just the United States, that's a car that starts at 
price $90,000 and there are many other luxury brands. 

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review

Tesla Sales of the Model S

This year though sales of the Model S have been the worst in years, in January Tesla eliminated the night shift for Model S p100d in X production, and in Q1 sales for the two models, collapsed to just 12,000 units.

Tesla doesn't break down sales for the s and X, but if you assume half for the Model S, you'd have to go back to 2013 to find a quarter with less Model S deliveries.

The production of the federal tax credit definitely played a role, but also last year there were rumors around a refreshed Model S and X with renderings of a completely new interior.

Today the model 3 has a clean minimalistic dashboard that looks a little more modern than the Model S specs, with Mercedes the difference between a c-class interior and s-class interior is very obvious, you can tell that one is better than the other, but with Tesla, you don't quite get that feeling.

Tesla Model 3 Drawings

In the drawings the new interior features an updated steering wheel a landscape screen, and a very large single AC vent like Model 3, it even shows that there will be a second screen behind the steering wheel, which Tesla Model 3 doesn't have.

With the anticipation of a major refresh on an $80,000 car, it's no surprise that people were hesitant to buy a Model S.

In April, Tesla finally updated the cars, it was a great update but there were no interior or exterior redesigns, the new cars known as Raven featured a new adaptive air suspension increased driving range and faster charging speeds which were still slower in the model 3 though.

Sales for q2 were better but still below historical quarters, in California which is a big market for Tesla, sales of the Model S fell by an estimated 54% from last year.

In the past Tesla has been unwilling to admit that Model 3, is cannibalizing sales of the Model S by stating that the two sedans are in different categories, however, Elon Musk recently said this. 

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Elon Musk Said: I think that this unit is some accommodation, I think maybe it's a false expectation in the market, that there's like some big overhaul coming for SNX.

Which pushes them you know cause people to do hesitate to buy if they think, this like some radical redesign coming.

Which is why it emphasized publicly that this is not the case, that the model s next two today are radically better than the ones, that you know we're wind requests another production especially asks like say like 2013 or 2012 one less competitor day as well as night and day.

In fact I still run into people I know who have like 2050 Model S, and they think it, it hasn't changed.

I'm like it is dramatically better in every way, but we don't do model years we just roll in improvements as they come, so you know but I think there is maybe a communications issue where people don't realize just how much better the ethnics are today, than when we were first started.

And I watched you want a dress not communications this year, demand should be higher for SNX than it is, and and we'll get the bottom vent and fix it.

While there definitely is cannibalization, I think he's right when he says there's a communication error. 

Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review
Tesla Model S Sales | Electric Car Review

Tesla Moved Its Sales Strategy Online

Earlier this year Tesla moved its sales strategy online, but the website does a poor job at selling the Tesla Model S, on the order page the Model S specs starts at $80,000 that's $25,000 more than the most expensive version of the model 3, and twice the price of the standard range plus model 3.

According to the website, for all that extra money all you get is a bigger car with 60 more miles of range, and if you look hard you can see that it has adaptive air suspension.

On the downside the $25,000 cheaper model three performance, has a faster zero to 60 time and top speed, the model 3 even has faster charging rates.

The Tesla Model S may have a better ride quality, more space, more luxurious features, and a further driving range, and nicer design, but they don't really tell you that

Tesla hasn't made a youtube video about the Model S in months, and Tesla doesn't advertise either.

Even for the Raven update, Tesla just wrote a blog post, with Tesla having a limited number of retail stores, and not opening any more in favor of online sales, it's even more difficult for them to convey the message of how good the Model S p100d of today is or at least how it compares to the Tesla Model 3.

As Elon Musk said during the call, over the years the Model S has come a very long way, the Model S specs was introduced in 2012 and had a driving range of 208 miles, today it can drive 370 miles.

Over the years, Tesla Model S got a facelift, new battery charge time pack configurations, better auto pilot hardware, and much quicker acceleration.

Of course there were other small details, and continuous over-the-air software updates to improve the car.

But after Tesla introduced ludicrous mode, in the 100 kilowatt hour battery charge time pack in late Tesla's in late of 2016, Tesla is focus shifted to model 3, and that much happened to the Model S until the Raven refresh.

Elon Musk has tried to simmer down the fact that the Model S and X won't be receiving a refresh, and that Tesla just rolls out incremental updates.

However most people would agree that something big is coming soon, or at least has to come soon.

If not, Tesla needs to find a better way to explain why the Model S of today is better, especially when there are changes, it's hard for people to tell when the car looks the same, and has the same name.

Even Apple introduces colors for mid-cycle refresh, is like the gold iPhone 10's, so that people can flex about owning the latest iPhone model.

Even the Honda Civic, got new colors, different rims and chrome deleted the 2020 model, even though it's same car as the 2016 Civic. if it's going to be a better car that looks and sounds the same, maybe Tesla should create more videos about the Model S or start running ads.

I know that I just write an article on why Tesla doesn't advertise, and I know that word of mouth is great. but in this case, it may be working against them, because even I would tell you to buy the Tesla Model 3 over the Model S specs.

  • What do you think, considering the price difference would you rather have the Model 3 or the Model S?
  • Do you think Tesla will redesign the Model S exterior or interior?
  • How much Tesla Model S price in india?
  • Do you think Tesla will start running ads for the first time? 

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